Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cheating on nitto what you need to know

First of all i am going to start out by saying i am not responsable for any banned accounts from these programs. That said here are the links for cheat engine 5.4 which has a speed hack option and Nitto Legends Control Center. and . Just to let everyone know set the speed hack on cheat engine 5.4 to 1.00 and sleeptimer to 50 use both programs at the same time. Now if you use these programs on live people you will get caught in a week but if you just do pro tournaments and transfer the money to a different account it will take about 4 to 6 weeks. Now if you do this process roughly 40 times and transfer about $50000 every time you will get both accounts banned so just make a million and quit unlike i did which got my main account banned and is why i dont cheat anymore. Feel free to tell me what u think about this post.

Things you need to know about Nitto

Well first of all nitto really depends on your pc for the most part especially in bracket races . For example,If your pc is a singel core processor at 1.6ghz and your raceing bracket your times will be unconsistent. But if your processor is a intel core i7 witch is a quad core your times, giveing that your internet is at least 3mb or more will be dead on allmost every time.That is if your experienced enough at the game.But what i have noticed is on h2h races is that a singel core processor is better cause it tends to make your times lower. All and all thow nitto legends is a game that takes time and pacience given that you have a descent computer.Plz fell free to give your opinion on this post.